Why JC Education is Important For You?

Although it is still arguable whether ‘university would be a breeze’, these kinds of statement without a doubt indicates the highly competitive setting of junior college. However the rewards of studying the challenging 2 yrs are enormous. If you’re in any of the 16 junior colleges in Singapore, you are well on your path to get in to a great university either in Singapore or abroad. You’ll move on having a university degree or perhaps advanced one and can possess the key to open up a number of doorways in your career pursuit. It’s not exaggerating that all these relate to the selection of getting into a junior college.

You’re at a crucial point in your life in which reality check gets important. You have to understand that your academic efficiency in junior college is not just a set of examination scores that you’ll probably forget in several weeks. Examinations which you take in junior college can have important effect in your life. This promotional examination decides if you are promoted to the next year or perhaps be retained. The preliminary examination will be reviewed by scholarship companies and overseas educational institutions. Not to mention, the much horrible A-levels determine which tertiary institution you are able to proceed and which course you are able to take. Academic overall performance in junior college will have an impact on where you’re standing in the long run.

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~ by Tay on August 17, 2017.

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